If you read through the following testimonials you will notice these recurring statements:

  Excellent communication



  Amazing sales ability


  Knowledge of the business

  Not pushy

  Listened to me

  Responded quickly

  Beautiful photography

  Empathy & understanding

  Accurate appraisal

Completely immersed in my project

I first met Bronwyn a few years ago when I asked Tremains for an appraisal. I did not proceed at that point but she kept in touch for quite a long time afterwards, so when I was ready to sell she was the first agent that sprang to mind. It was as though we had never left off, and I felt Bronwyn was completely immersed in my project. She explained the sale process clearly and discussed ways of preparing the property for the market. She could provide me with 'fixers' to spruce up both house and garden, and kept in close contact while the work was done. I had a timeline she produced so that I knew what was happening when, and when the 2-3 week marketing period began I felt we were both fully committed. Beautiful photos had been taken and the property press and media were saturated. Throughout, her communication with me was excellent, she held my hand when it was necessary and she was always competent, knowledgable and professional in her work. We achieved an excellent sale, for which I was grateful and delighted.

Review submitted by Deb (vendor) on 18 Dec 2021

Simply the best

We first met Bronwyn a few years ago when she was marketing a section next to our property.  We had a chat and from that day onwards we always said if we were to sell our home Bronwyn would be our first point of call…. and she was.

From the beginning to the end our experience was enjoyable and fun, thorough with attention to detail, regular communication and updates and at all times Professional.

Bronwyn’s pleasant and confident manner made us feel relaxed and excited and took any stresses that may have occurred out of the process completely.

Thank you Bronwyn, we are extremely happy with your result for us and we are already spreading the word about your excellence in Real Estate.

Graham and Marie

Huge interest

The sale price exceeded the appraisal and my expectations. Marketing, photography, signage and internet advertising generated a huge amount of interest. The feedback reports from Bronwyn were very helpful as was the after sale communication. I would have no hesitation in recommending Bronwyn to anyone wanting to sell a property. A huge thank you to Bronwyn.


Totally professional and honest.
We have found Bronwyn to be an excellent agent. Her marketing appraisal was accurate. The photographs were great giving a good impression of the house. She was in regular communication. She worked very hard to achieve the top figure of the appraisal range that she had given us. We were very pleased with this result. We would recommend her to other buyers and vendors. She helped us through the whole stressful process. A very kind and thoughtful agent.
Rene and Don Welsh.

Bronwyn Grant

A charming personality that hides a determination and knowledge of the business.  Always available.

Photography —Very professional        

Signage. —OK

Print advertising. —Well done

Internet advertising. —I did not look

Regular feedback reports —Excellent, well written and very clear on visitors’ thoughts and opinions. A good reference document.

Would you recommend me to others. —Certainly. A Hard working professional with a human touch  and a pleasure to work with.

After sale communication.  —Well done.


Went the extra mile

From our initial meeting with Bronwyn we were impressed with her honesty and integrity. The appraisal and marketing strategy with Internet, print mediaticked all the boxes. The photography excellent the virtual tour was

impressive. Regular feed back reports keeping us up to date. We feel Bronwyn went the extra mile always available and sensitive to our needs. We would certainly recommend Bronwyn because of her integrity, commitment,

communication ability. It has been a pleasure having Bronwyn as our agent.

Ruby and Steve

Professional & hardworking

I found Bronwyn Grant to be a hardworking, professional land agent who communicates very well. At all times throughout the sale process, she outlined the range of actions which could be taken, allowing me to make informed decisions about how the property was to be marketed. Her appraisal was accurate and the photography of the property was of a very high standard.  The sale process was signposted with a clear timeline which was followed.

Bronwyn managed to oversee approximately 60 groups viewing the property and facilitated bringing six offers to be considered after the two weeks that the property was before the public.  She clearly communicated what was happening throughout this time.

I would recommend Bronwyn to anyone wanting to deal with an experienced, well organised agent, who performs her role in a thoroughly professional manner and minimises the stress of selling a property.


Provided good feedback

Bronwyn carried out an appraisal on our property some years ago. although we were not in a position to sell at that time, we were impressed with the effort which she had clearly put into the appraisal and the way she took time to explain it to us and answer our questions. The marketing proposal was for a tender process that proved extremely successful. We were given a clear timescale of events. The photography and presentation gave a good impression of the house and resulted in many groups coming to view the property at 'open home' and private viewings. After each viewing Bronwyn provided us with a detailed appraisal of the viewings so we had good feedback of how things were going. At all stages she answered any questions and dealt with us in a professional and pleasant manner. We would have no hesitation in recommending Bronwyn to other potential vendors or buyers, and close by thanking her for all her efforts in selling our property.

Pat and Peter

Quick and efficient

We first met Bronwyn while we were viewing an open home.  She took the time to speak with our family and to find out what type of property we were looking for. Being new to Havelock North, Bronwyn was able to give us information on houses for sale in the area. 

On another meeting at another open home Bronwyn greeted us by name and chatted with us about our house search. 

Several weeks later Bronwyn called to invite us to a private viewing of a house she thought we might be interested in. Bronwyn met us at the house and let us wander around and answered our many questions. Later that day, Bronwyn sent through requested documents and followed up with a phone call to make sure we had received them. 

We were very interested in the property so Bronwyn organised another private viewing. We made the decision to put an offer in on the property.

Within the hour Bronwyn had the paperwork to us ready to make an offer, she briefed us on what would be the next steps and that she would be in contact the following day.  Bronwyn made several trips between the vendors and ourselves as the negotiations took place until a price was agreed upon.

A problem with the lawyers arose and Bronwyn dealt with the situation professionally and communicated with us fully with what was happening.  She followed up with the lawyers making sure all the paperwork was completed correctly. 

We liked the way Bronwyn got to know us, and what our family required in a home.  She worked quickly and efficiently and made sure we had all the information we required.

We have no hesitation recommending her to other prospective buyers.

S &  J Norris

Results through excellence

I live out of town and was referred to Bronwyn. At my initial meeting with I found her to be extremely professional but friendly. At all times she went beyond the call of duty to help me during the process of purchasing a property. I believe Bronwyn has strong communication skills, her knowledge of property and local sales was outstanding. She was completely focussed and had, I felt, compete understanding of the true value of her client (me).
It has been an extremely enjoyable experience meeting and purchasing a property with Bronwyn. I would highly recommend Bronwyn and Tremains. You truly get results through excellence from your salespeople. 

One of the Few
I recently bought a house through Bronwyn Grant, from Tremains. Both my husband and I enjoyed working with her. Bronwyn, as an agent, displays many important qualities. Firstly, she is one of the few agents in Hawkes Bay who followed up on our private viewing of a property. Even though we did not purchase the property, she kept in contact by advising us of new properties that may be suitable that either she or the Tremains team had listed. She took the time to call, showing the personal touch. It is through this diligence that we bought our new home. Bronwyn is diligent. Our schedule was tough; we had to buy a house in four weeks that met the needs of two professionals, two children, and two pets. Bronwyn would often sacrifice her own evening to bring us contracts to sign and counter sign, even at late hours to meet our schedule. I was amazed at her diligence and commitment to meeting our needs.
Bronwyn is an excellent communicator. It was easy to get hold of her to talk about the buying process. She was respectful of work hours – I am a teacher and cannot always answer the phone. She would keep me up to date using modern technology; texting and emailing. 
She is also a consummate professional. Her manner was always professional and gracious; a real classy lady. She knows her products and will always ask the vendor/listing agents if there is a question from the “leftfield”. She sells properties without being pushy and is loyal to both the vendor and the purchaser. She treads the fine line of meeting both parties needs with grace and aplomb. Her knowledge of the selling/buying process is thorough; emailing LIMS (when available), contacting lawyers, and even advising us of a reputable valuer. Most importantly, she listens to her clients. I would recommend Bronwyn for the above reasons.


Successful conclusion

We took up Bronwyn’s offer to give us an appraisal on our home a while ago and we were impressed with her quick response, attention to detail and her communications skills. When we decided to put our rental property on the market we had no hesitation in inviting her to be our agent. Throughout the time the property was on the market she kept us fully informed of progress and we appreciated her friendly contacts and her thorough professionalism. She was able to present us with three proposals which for various reasons did not result in sale. Bronwyn kept in touch and let us know there was interest in the property and this has resulted in a very satisfactory sale. Throughout our dealings with her she has communicated effectively, offered professional advice and worked hard to bring about a successful conclusion. 

We would have no hesitation in recommending Bronwyn to others wishing to sell their property. Her friendly approach means she is easy to work with and her ability to keep in touch means that any client has the confidence that she is doing the very best for them.

Ron and Sue 

Bronwyn listened to us

We worked with Bronwyn to sell two rental properties in Hastings in late winter 2016. We found the whole process went surprisingly easily and smoothly.

Bronwyn discussed with us the merits of various options for selling, recommending ‘sale by tender’ in our case, which we accepted.  She worked well with our property manager and the incumbent tenants.

Photography, advertising, and signage were effective in attracting a number of prospective purchasers.  Both properties sold within the first stage of the process.

Bronwyn listened to us, and our requests. She was available at times that suited our busy travel  schedule and communicated regularly and effectively with us at all stages.

We would definitely be pleased to work with Bronwyn again.

Diana and Robin

Very happy

I am very pleased to provide feedback on Bronwyn Grant’s representation of my section in Iona Road, Havelock North.

Although empty sections cannot rate very highly as earners for real estate agents, Bronwyn put as much effort into selling the section for me as she would have into a million dollar property. Probably more, considering that it took a year to sell.

The length of time it took to move the property was no reflection on Bronwyn’s efforts, as potential buyers foresaw all manner of potential difficulties with the sloping nature of the section and the height restrictions imposed on it. But she kept on toiling away and introduced a large number of people to the property, eventually finding someone who recognised both the potential of the site and the fact that any perceived negatives could be readily managed.

Her signage was excellent, obviously attracting a lot of enquiries judging by the number of people who walked over the site. She kept me fully informed throughout the sale programme and was always prompt and thorough in her communications.

I was very happy with Bronwyn’s representation of the property on my behalf and will certainly use her services again should the opportunity arrive.


Bronwyn responded fast

I recently bought a property through Bronwyn and was very happy with not only the purchase but the help Bronwyn gave me. The property went to multiple offers where time was of the essence. Bronwyn responded fast, answered any questions I had, emailed information quickly and was professional through out the whole process.  Even when, as part of the multiple offer situation, I was dealing with a Tremains Manager, Bronwyn kept in touch and ensured I had everything I needed in order to get the offer in on time.

Thanks Bronwyn.


Extremely happy

I have been extremely happy with Bronwyn’s handling of my house sale. Her initial appraisal showed me exactly what was required to market the house which was a great help.

The photography was beautifully done, showing the best features, and the subsequent signs were clear, concise and well thought out.  I liked the idea of the walk though video, a completely new idea for me.

Bronwyn gave me excellent feedback on people, their thoughts and ideas and criticism after each visit. Bronwyn has visited me since the sale and I would certainly recommend her and Tremains to others who hope to sell. Thank you Bronwyn


Made an extremely stressful process almost enjoyable.

Some observations on our recent house sale and purchase and the part Bronwyn Grant played in this.

 From the beginning we told Bronwyn we needed to find our new house before we sold ours. Bronwyn took this on board and showed us a variety of properties. She did not show us anything out of our price range and found a good variety of properties. Once we found a suitable property, Bronwyn’s efforts in ensuring we made a successful offer were spot on. During this period she made herself freely available to us.

Selling our house then became a priority and the quality of Bronwyn’s work was reflected in a very quick sale with an excellent financial return.

The presentation to the market of our property was excellent in all respects and this was reflected in the volume of viewers at the open homes. 

We would recommend Bronwyn for her grasp of the real estate industry. Bronwyn’s calm, charming and confident manner made an extremely stressful process almost enjoyable!

Jenny & Paul

Did not push us

Bronwyn recently marketed and successfully sold our rural property within the deadline period.

We had considered using a specific rural real estate service but we put our faith in Bronwyn.

This was not blind faith but based on the person we had known for the past 20 years and also the qualities Bronwyn showed as a real estate agent acting on our behalf.

 What we experienced and appreciated about Bronwyn was her honesty, trustworthiness, clarity, knowledge, respectful manner, great communication and her clear and professional boundaries.

Bronwyn steered us through the short deadline marketing process so well. She explained the process, answered any questions, advised when asked and, most importantly, did not push us into marketing at a certain date. She worked with us, taking the time to listen and discover our needs.

Bronwyn let us know what was happening every step of the way; in the form of written and verbal feedback .We felt we could contact her at any time, on any day.

Bronwyn did not try to push extra marketing upon us and the marketing plan Bronwyn used was adequate to attract buyers and sell within the time frame.

Tremains has a solid reputation in the real estate market but this was not the primary reason for listing with them. We listed with Bronwyn- a real estate agent we could depend on and trust .We were not disappointed

We would not hesitate to recommend Bronwyn to anyone thinking of selling their home.

Jill & David

Successful sale with empathy & understanding

I'm Di and Donald’s youngest daughter, and I've spoken to them today and heard the great news about Kopanga Rd!

I realise that the sale is yet to go unconditional, but I wanted to thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job for my parents. Mum and Dad are amazing for their age, and they are being very practical and brave about moving into the Mary Doyle. However, selling Kopanga Rd is a very emotional process for them, and I'm just so grateful that you have done the job with empathy and understanding, and provided such a successful outcome. It's a relief to know that they will not have the ongoing anxiety and stress of open homes and continued marketing of the property.

Fingers crossed that the sale will go unconditional during the week, and that we can come together as a family for 1 last special Christmas at Mum and Dad's in December.

Many thanks and kind regards,


You gave us confidence to expect a good price

HI Bronwyn, We hope this finds you well and busy. A short note to say thankyou again for all the effort you put into selling our property. The information you provided to us on method of sale, suitable advertising, explanation of tender and sale documents was thorough and useful. Your reports were regular and interesting! You sorted answers to questions you could not immediately provide and gave us confidence to expect a good sale price. We are happy to recommend your services and thankyou for the bubbly which we thoroughly enjoyed. 

Stuart and Catherine

Understanding & support resulted in outstanding success

My Husband and I met Bronwyn Grant eighteen months ago when Tremains offered us an appraisal of our recently re-clad home. At once her pleasant manner and quiet voice gave us confidence in her assessment and we felt at ease with her judgement and explanations.

Since then, my Husband has passed away and Bronwyn has quietly kept in touch. Now that I have decided to buy into a retirement village, her marketing skills have been excellent and a great help in selling my home. Throughout the past three weeks Bronwyn has advised, understood and supported me in every decision, with outstanding success.

I have no hesitation in recommending Bronwyn for her excellent service and compassion


Amazing sales ability and after sales care.

Bronwyn, it’s been a long time since we made contact. I really wanted to give a testimonial to your amazing sales ability and your after sales care and contact. Thank you for your innate honesty in all matters concerning the sale of my life style block. The video you organised and the way in which you helped me present the property was impeccably tasteful. I appreciated your friendly approach, and your lack of ambitious push for a fast sale as is common today. Your appraisal of my property was based on realistic values and recent sales in the area. No ridiculous high price or beating me down, really fair market value for both me and the buyer. The buyers told me they were thrilled to be the proud new owners my house and that you had you been very helpful to them as well. I would recommend you to anyone (and have done so) simply because of your integrity and just who you are as a person. Thanks again.


Cheerfulness, warmth and honesty.

Right from our initial meeting to arrange a property appraisal and marketing strategy we were happy to have Bronwyn Grant as our agent with her cheerfulness, warmth and honesty. Advertising by internet and print media was good with a comprehensive range of very good photos.

Throughout the whole marketing and sale process Bronwyn kept us well informed and we recommend her to others considering selling or buying a property because of her integrity, commitment, excellent communication skills and passion for doing the very best for her clients.

Hylton and Wendy

Bronwyn’s appraisal proved to be accurate. 

We made contact with Bronwyn prior to marketing our house through her advertising material. Following our initial meeting we found her to be knowledgeable and thorough regarding the sale process and gave us the confidence that we had selected the right agent. The marketing options were easy to follow and her appraisal subsequently proved to be accurate. She had access to a wider team who provided advice and assistance in preparing the house for sale and making it look the best it could for the open homes. Photography, signage and advertising were all good and made use of digital media as well as hardcopy. We had a very good turnout of potential buyers at the open homes. We were kept informed along the way with feedback via email and phone. The sale went through relatively easily. Bronwyn provided a good level of communication throughout, we were kept informed of progress along the way & I'd happily recommend Bronwyn to others wishing to market their house.

Dave & Tracey  

Professional and caring

Bronwyn recently marketed and sold my investment property and her performance exceeded all expectations. Bronwyn was professional and caring and she ensured that the interests of the tenant were considered throughout the entire process.

Bronwyn showed that she had her finger on the pulse when it came to knowledge of the market and the appraisal of the property was proven to be very accurate. The whole marketing and sale process was stress free because Bronwyn had outstanding communications skills that extended to ensure that the existing tenant was kept in the loop, which was great to see.

I know that Bronwyn’s hard work was extremely influential in achieving a very satisfying sale price.

Not only would I recommend Bronwyn, I am already recommending Bronwyn and sharing the story of a very successful and pleasant experience with a great sales professional and real estate company. Thank you Bronwyn and a huge thanks to Tremains also.


Extremely professional approach

Recently, finding ourselves without a home to call our own we had the good fortune to have Bronwyn referred to us. In our situation it could not have worked out better. After advising Bronwyn on exactly what we wanted, she set about really going that extra mile.  Because we wanted a newish smaller home with gardening space the pickings were thin. The village was beckoning, but not for us. Within a few days or so Bronwyn found one, then another to exactly our requirement. Then the very one that was for us.  

She never took us to a house that obviously was not what we wanted. 

And even to the point when the one she found for us fell to another buyer,  she kept a sharp eye over her shoulder in case it fell through.  Well...it did and now will become our new home. 

We thank Bronwyn for her extremely professional approach and her after sale service. You feel you have made a friend and that really does count.

Alex & Val.