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Autumn layers

Autumn is here, and just as you start to put the layers on, your home might need a few more layers too.
 So here’s some ideas to make your home autumn proof.

1. Keep the heat in Autumn is the time when temperatures start to fall, so we want to keep in all the heat that we can. Just as you would sew up any holes in sweaters or jackets, cover the holes in your home. That means getting a good sealer and going around areas where heat could escape, like doors and windows, and filling in any cracks that arise. Check any older windows as these are often the worst offenders for letting in drafts.

2. Check out your roof It is probably best to get an expert to help you with this job as it can be dangerous. But getting up and checking that the tiles on the roof are all in good condition and not damaged is an important job to do at least once a year before the weather gets drizzly. If you have any broken tiles, get them fixed by an expert as leaving them can result in more extensive damage to your property, especially if water gets in. Also while you (or someone) is up there, check the seals around vents and chimneys are not worn out and if they are, get the expert to seal them up.

3. Manage the moisture One issue that typically arises in the coming months is the build-up of moisture. As rains fall harder and the temperature drops, it becomes more difficult to keep spaces dry, which can create fertile conditions for mould and other bacteria. One way of tackling this is with a dehumidifier, but keep yours maintained.

It is likely worth giving yours a once-over this autumn, starting with a cleaning and emptying of your water intake, as well as checking the cleanliness of your air grills.

4. Clean the kitchen One of our favourite things about colder months is the menu - in particular, those hearty weekend roasts where the slow cooking of potatoes and lamb gives the whole living area some fantastic warmth and flavour. Of course, to get a roast going perfectly you will need a clean oven, and this is something that many people can neglect over summer. Devoting a few hours to properly cleaning out your oven will help it function better, resulting in better meals for you and anyone you live with.

5. Create some compost One of the most iconic images of autumn is the golden leaves falling from trees. Of course, the flipside of this is that it can create quite the leafy mess across your backyard, or get in the way of your curb appeal. Raking up all of these and preparing them for compost is a great way to turn one of the messiest parts of autumn into a fantastic and productive part of the home.

 Leaves are a wonderful source of nutrients, and by gathering them all up you could see a thriving compost heap for your yard.

6. Consider your lawn One thing we often don't do throughout winter is mow the lawns with the regularity we do in summer. After all, if we're going to be curled up indoors during these months, is there much point? If you're someone who puts the lawnmower into hibernation for winter, remember to empty the fuel canisters. This is one for a little later in the seasons we think, but it's always good to keep in mind. Changing the oil and giving it a thorough clean are also good tasks to keep in mind before you put it away in the garage.

7. Bring out the cosy comforts Curling up with a movie or good book is much nicer when the weather is foul outside, so why not "autumn-ise" your family room. Add some warm throws or perhaps change the cushion covers. Having a set of autumn cushion covers in warmer colours like taupes, reds and oranges, or heavier wintery material can really make your room feel cosy and inviting.

8. Flowering plants Just because the leaves are starting to change colour and falling off the trees, it doesn't mean your garden needs to be void of colour. Head to your local garden centre and pick up some seasonal flowering plants and either add them to your front entrance area in pots or if you feel really inspired plant them around your garden beds. A bit of brightness when you arrive home will make you feel good even if the weather is changing.

9. Warm up the beds There's nothing worse than feeling the cold when you are in bed and being too tired to get out of bed to find another blanket. So before that happens, pull out those heavier blankets, quilts and duvets from the cupboards and get them ready for the colder nights that are coming. If you didn't have them cleaned at the end of winter, make sure you either wash them yourself or take them to the laundry as the musty smell isn't that pleasant. Why not add a warm toned throw to the end of the bed and perhaps some more throw cushions which will make your bedroom feel cosy and inviting.

There are tasks you can do all year around to keep your house in fantastic shape, and ideas like these are very handy for general maintenance. It helps you keep facades beautiful, and who knows - if you have one eye on the spring selling season, these acts could entice more buyers to come and check out your property.

 Need assistance in any way? Please don't hesitate to contact me if I can help you, friends or family with any Real Estate matters.

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