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De-clutter to help sell your property.

The importance of de-cluttering your property in order to give it maximum appeal to purchasers.

Did you know that it takes 7 seconds to make a first impression and you never have another opportunity?

An uncluttered home looks more spacious and space is what most home buyers are looking for.

A prospective buyer wants to imagine themselves in your home, not feel like an intruder. Too much stuff makes it difficult to focus on a home’s best features.

So how do we do declutter – where do we start? Well the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time!

You may have invested a lot of time and money in making your house feel like home. That's great, but if you're hoping to sell your property, potential buyers need to be able to imagine how their possessions would look in the space.

If your walls are covered with photos and art, people seeing your property may have a hard time imagining living there themselves.

So take down your personal pictures and other artwork, - clear walls help make a room look larger. When you have done the job right - the house will look quite bare, so don't be surprised. It’s helpful to keep in mind that you are selling your house not your family, or your stuff. Don’t assume buyers will want to use your property the same way you do.

If your closets and other storage spaces look as though they are overflowing it's time to get real about clearing them out. Ideally keep storage spaces only 2/3 full or less.

Decluttering your home involves going through every room and removing any items that are not absolutely essential to your day-to-day functioning. If you have two or more items that serve the same purpose, one of them should go.

You may also need to sacrifice having ready access to many items that you love having around. Collections of videos, antique dolls or gym equipment should be out of sight, either neatly stored in a closet or in your garage or, if necessary, in a rented storage space. Older or worn furniture items, even if they may be important to you, can make a house seem dated and old.

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