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Preparing your property for sale

Here's some great tips to help get your home ready for sale

First impressions really do count and that’s why it’s important that you thoroughly prepare your home for sale. We've pulled together this handy list which points out things potential buyers are most likely to notice. Walk around your home and take an objective look at everything in it – put yourself in the buyers' shoes

1. In general

Clean everything

Flowers are a nice touch

Eliminate clutter wherever possible as this creates the impression of spaciousness

2. Kitchen

The kitchen is often considered the most important room of the house, pay particular attention to the cleanliness, layout and storage

Make sure all appliances are spotless, odour-free and in good working condition

Polish chrome surfaces

Fix any dripping taps, loose cabinet hardware, and outdated or inefficient light fittings

Tidy out drawers and cabinets

3. Living and dining areas

Make your home feel warm and cosy – consider running the heater or heat pump prior to the open home if there is a chill in the air

Consider adding additional cushions and throw rugs on your sofa

Set your table with good china – important for your photo shoot

Turn on side lamps and increase the ambience

4. Storage

De-clutter! As a general rule take out half of what’s in the wardrobes and storage areas to make them look bigger

Remove excess furniture, even if it’s only temporarily, to make rooms seem as spacious as possible

Basement, attics and garages often end up as dumping grounds

Make sure these areas are well organised and give prospective clients the impressions that there’s plenty of room for all their furniture and personal items

5. Outside

Your buyers will make their initial assessment of your property as soon as they set eyes on it so it pays to tidy up the grounds and create a neat and tidy entrance

Mow the lawns, weed the gardens, trim back overgrown trees and shrubs

Sweep up leaves and clean debris out of your gutters

6. Walls and ceilings

Repair any cracks in the walls or ceilings and repaint if necessary

Strip outdated wall paper and replace or paint

Clean finger marks off high-traffic areas and get rid of cobwebs

7. Windows

Clean windows inside and out

Replace cracked glass, broken sashes and cords

Remove and store any net curtains

Open curtains to let in as much light as possible, especially if the view is a feature

Wash or dryclean curtains or drapes if required

8. Floors

Carpeting has a major impact on the look of a home

Vacuum thoroughly or have it professionally cleaned

If it is badly worn, outdated or stained, consider having it replaced

Check if wooden floors need to be refurbished

Clean tile floors, and repair or replace cracked tiles

9. Paint

Take a good look at the paint on the inside and outside of your home. If it is cracking, peeling or chipping you need a fresh coat for your exterior. It may cost you a bit of time and money but may elevate your home from “fixer-upper” to “move in and enjoy.”

Choose colours that are appropriate to the style of your house and that blend in well with the neighbourhood

10. Roof

Buyers will pay close attention to its condition

Paint corrugated iron or clean tiles, fix leaky corroded downpipes and gutters. Inside, a watermarked ceiling is a sign to buyers that the roof has leaked - even if the cause has been repaired

11. Open homes

If you choose to have open homes, we recommend you and your pets are absent while they take place as this puts buyers at ease

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